The Drum Roll

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Who doesn’t love live music, cookies and rollergirls?

The Grand Opening party was a huge success! Despite the snowy weather, the turnout was great and everyone was super excited to see what Pat and Carol had created this time around. From the highschool doo wop group to the roller-skating cocktail waitresses—everything was awesome. Check out some of the pictures below.

By the end of the night, everyone got a good taste of Majorette.

Beautiful Custom painted cookies by SUGARBELLE CAKERY.

Now, we’re looking forward to Wall Ball, our next and first official event in the books, on February 27th. Hosted by Artscope, this live art extravaganza highlights the creative process of top artists in St. Louis, a perfect event for Majorette to bring together the curious and creative people of St. Louis. If you missed out on the grand opening, RSVP and buy tickets here to attend Wall Ball and give the kids of St. Louis the gift of art!