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We’re honored and excited to share with you our latest project, Majorette.

After the completion of our last venture, Boo Cat Club, we were hunting around for a new opportunity when we stumbled across this old furniture store-turned-telemarking firm in Maplewood. The space was piled with cubicles upon cubicles and discouraging motivational posters plastered the walls. We’ve never been scared off by the before, but this place was joyless! Ultimately though, we fell in love with the potential and committed ourselves to transforming the building and hopefully this little leg of Manchester.

Fast forward six months, and Majorette was born. Featuring a huge open dance floor with a clerestory, mezzanine, and lower level game room, we hope Majorette will be the place where all of your ideas can take center stage.

Our work on Majorette, Boo Cat Club and even our first project The Stage Stop in the Rocky Mountains, is to provide a space where curious and creative people can celebrate. Thanks to the support we’ve gotten from the community, we’re excited to continue taking on these interesting and memorable projects.

We hope you enjoy this special space.

 Pat and Carol Schuchard

About Pat & Carol

Pat is part handyman, part artist, part the-guy-that-gets-shit-done. Carol has a knack for the overall aesthetic of their spaces, from lighting to furnishings and everything in between. Together, they’ve had the guts to invest in St. Louis’ forgotten buildings and  the diligence to transform them into bustling venues with artistic flare.

All these kids go to New York and LA and I just want to say get the hell out of these big cities and go somewhere where you can do something. – Pat

Throughout careers spanning more than thirty-five years each, Pat’s and Carol’s work has been featured in galleries across the globe. From mixed media to paintings, sculptures to murals, their work fills many hearts, homes, businesses and museums.

The couple has traveled and lived in other parts of the country, only to come back to this city, their city. Pat and Carol see potential in St. Louis’ old buildings when others do not. The positive responses from the people who make up the surrounding communities continues to keep them passionate about these and future endeavors.


I really commend Pat and Carol for their commitment to the revitalization of historic buildings in St. Louis and the positive impact that projects like The Boo Cat Club and The Majorette have on surrounding neighborhoods.

Andrew Weil, Landmarks Association of St. Louis

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